Teachers' resources

These pages contain resources for teachers produced by the Royal Society.

Key Stage 4 Resources

There are six Key Stage 4 resources, which link to the following exhibits:

Each resource contains:

  • The science behind the scenes - the science behind the exhibit, explained in an accessible format
  • Why is this important? - the relevance of the science for us today
  • Science for you to try - an activity to do in class
  • Scientists today - a profile of one of the exhibit team members
  • Teacher's notes - explaining how to use the resource and providing curriculum links


Key Stage 5 Curriculum Mapping

All exhibits are mapped to the Key Stage 5 biology, chemistry and physics curricula, for the exam boards AQA, OCR and Edexcel.

To view curriculum links mapped by subject and exam board, follow the links below:

Alternatively you can view the curriculum links mapped by exhibit.



If you have any questions about these resources or would like to provide feedback, please contact education@royalsociety.org