Meet the Team: Dr Marie Goua


Three of the team are catching the Aberdeen-London flight on Monday morning to set up our stand, a slightly frightening thought... However, last weekend is spent to sort out the final bits and bobs and to pack!

Here is the penultimate member of our team:

Name: Dr Marie Goua

Occupation: Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences, Robert Gordon University

I love science because... it allows me to do different things in just the one job: to keep searching and searching for that little piece of information that's always missing to understand how a particular cellular mechanism works; to teach the next generation; and to meet really interesting individuals as one of the perks of science, let's not forget, is travelling to conferences all over the world.

When I'm not a Geek... I like throwing a dart or two, hitting golf balls and the French side of me has a soft spot for cheese!

You will be able to meet Marie at the "Fat Body Slim: Shape Matters!" exhibit from 22nd June to 4th July.